Cup Rules

The series of paragliding competitions in accuracy landing – PGA North-East Europe Cup “Brilliant Foot” ( PGABF) is held annually in the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe. The organizers of the competition are the Clubs and the Paragliding Federation of these countries.

Competition Objective

  • To determine best individual in PGABF series.
  • To determine best team in PGABF series.
  • To improve the skills of Pilots.
  • Exchange of experience and strengthening friendship and cooperation between the pilots.
  • Development and popularization of the PGA in the countries of North-Eastern Europe.

Competitions organization

  • Competitions must be held according to the S7C rules and in accordance with the General and Common sections of the FAI Sporting Code.
  • Pilots registration shall be done on the competition website or on the organizer website.
  • Number of rounds: maximum 8 rounds. At least 1 round must be completed to consider the competition valid.
  • Before the start of the Competition, one training day, or at least one training round shall be provided.
  • The team of qualified judges (in accordance with S7C requirements) shall be judging the Competitions.
  • The entry fee for participation in one competition should not exceed 50 euros.
  • Competition results must be published on the website


PGABF results of the current year shall be summed up in the following categories:

  • FAI Overall
  • FAI Female
  • PGABF Teams

Individual Scores

  • The scores at the PGA BF stages shall be aggregate in accordance to the Competition Regulations.
  • For the score finalizing PGABF series during the year, it will be taken into account the best 2/3 of the entire results in overall and female categories.

Team results

  • The team size is 5 pilots on a voluntary principle.
  • Participating in the PGABF series, the Team cannot change the team name and the team formation during the season.
  • Pilots from the Team participating for the BF Cup results during the season can not move to another BF Cup Team, but can participate for any other Team at the current stage.
  • The Team result for the round is the sum of the Team three best results in this round.
  • The sum of the Team Results in all rounds gives the final result of the Team at the stage, all rounds are counted.
  • In the final score table, for PGABF Teams category all results from all stages are taken into account.


The following PGABF Cup records are to be determined and published on

  • Best result after 3 rounds
  • Best result after 4 rounds
  • Best result after 5 rounds
  • Best result after 6 rounds
  • Best result after 7 rounds
  • Best result after 8 rounds