About us…

The idea to hold the *Brilliant Foot* Cup arose in 2016, when a group of Paragliding Accuracy enthusiasts decided to join forces to promote this sport in the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe.

The result of the joint work was five Cup stages in 2017, which took place in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Belarus. These are countries whose representatives are the organizers of the Northern and Eastern Europe *Brilliant Foot* Cup.

The idea of the Cup and its development initially lead to great interest and support of CIVL. Judging Seminars and Trainings in frame of competitions and guests from CIVL have become a stable tradition.

The format of the competitions was very successful, and pilots from different countries started to attend the competitions more actively, communicating a lot and sharing their experiences. And if in 2017, 79 pilots took part in Cup stages, then in 2018 there were already 96 pilots. And 10 of them are in the first hundred of the World’s top-rated Accuracy pilots! And in 2018 the number of points awarded by FAI for the first place at the final stage of the Cup exceeded 60!!!

We, the Cup organizers and participants, believe that these competitions are important and necessary for all of us (pilots, judges and organizers) and serve the goals of developing and promoting our sport. It is safe to say that the *Brilliant Foot* Cup is a new milestone in the development of PGA in the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe.